Rachael was an amazing child with a wonderfully sunny disposition, a contagious smile, who warmed the hearts of everyone she met. Her joyful exuberant spirit emanated from her smile and her kind heart. She was smart and possessed a sharp, witty sense of humor far beyond her years. She brought out the best in those around her. Her beauty, strength, compassion, and her capacity to love continues through all she touched.

Rachael had a deep connection with her family, and made friends easily. She had a deep bond to her classmates and teachers and took her studies seriously at the Carolina International School and R. Brown McAllister Elementary. Cooking and food grew into a deep and lasting bond with her dad. She was "Rachael Ray" and he was "Joshy Flay." She didn't like everything, but was willing to try anything and developed a love for sushi as just one example of that desire to experience everything. She loved to cuddle with her mom, and ride scooters and bikes with her brother. She loved to sing and dance to music, play her piano, and worked hard at the sport of basketball. She had a love for swimming and spent every summer in the pool swimming like a fish and tanning like a sun goddess.

Despite her diagnosis and the chronic presentations of her disease, she persisted with her activities, always pushing herself to do her best; she made 5th grade honor roll earlier this school year, in spite of having missed increasing amounts of school. She also won a D.A.R.E essay contest. Her accomplishments were too numerous to list, but describing her as "busy" would fit her well. When she grew up, she wanted to be an author and an advertising director because she regularly declared that most TV commercials were "dumb and she could do them better." Her courage and fortitude was something to be admired, even by those who only met her briefly.

Her untimely death will have a lasting impact on those that knew her, and her story deeply touches those who did not. Some even think the sun dimmed a bit when she passed.


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