Rachael Albertson


Rachael’s gift is committed to the ongoing support of medical research and education of mitochondrial disease and its fatal presentations. With the hope that someday there may be a cure, Rachael’s gift also strives to educate the parents and doctors of these afflicted children on proper protocols for care during hospitalizations to help prevent the unnecessary and untimely death of any child. 


Rachael lived just 10 years. In that short time she touched many lives.  Her true and abiding gifts were love, compassion for others and a strength and humor that endured throughout her battle against her many mito-related conditions. Through her charity Rachael’s gift, the wonder that she was lives on. Please join her in this worthy cause.

Click here donate to Rachael's research fund on www.umdf.org. 100% of your donation goes to UMDF for Mitochondrial research.

Rachael’s Gift, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3). All donations are tax deductible.
EIN: 26-3911947; NC CSL: EX002361.

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